This website is dedicated to the wonderful animated TV-series ‘Fables of the Green Forest’ as seen on TVO in 1978. Story and characters of this children’s anime are closely based on the Bedtime Story-Books by early 20th century American author and conservationist T.W. Burgess. His books depict talking animals in a naturalistic style and were intended as Harry-Joe-Johnny-Pollyentertainment and to educate children about wildlife. Animation was done in Japan. Later the series was exported to various countries where it was dubbed. More production details can be found in the Making of-section of this website. You can find the popular Theme song and sing along! All episodes can be watched in the Episode playlist. Thanks to the participators of the Subtitle project the 8 missing episodes have been added too now. May this website be a lasting homage to the TV-series and it’s makers and a source of joy for fans everywhere!


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12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Peter! I was searching for this show for quite a time, so thank you a lot for making this site, you did a great job, it’s very well organized and informative, a real treasure chest for those who are missing their childhood!
    When I was in elementary school, in the days when “Fables of the Green Forest” were broadcasted on National Television (in the early ’80s), I used to run away from school immediately after the classes were over, just to be home on time to watch another episode of my favourite cartoon. Such a great time I used to have during my childhood, growing up in a country home with animals and my loving grandparents… and series like “Fables…”, Sindbad the Sailor (1975) or “Nell the Wandering Girl (1979).
    Although I was always afraid that Peter or Johnny and Polly will be caught by Reddy the Fox or Granny Fox, I always expected with eager the next episode…
    Thank you again for bringing back wonderful memories!
    All the best, Kai


  2. Hi Kai, thanks for sharing your memories on ‘Fables of the Green Forest’ and for your positive remarks about the site! Kind regards, Peter.


  3. Just came across this site, and it is wonderful; congratulations to all involved in setting this up, very nostalgic. I was wondering if you have any information on who the singers were for the Theme Song. That would be interesting to also know. Many thanks.


    • Hello Maria,

      Thanks for your comment! It is nice to know my website brought back good memories!
      Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of the singers of the (TVO) Theme Song for you.
      I have been looking for a long time to find more about TVO-version production and will keep searching.
      When I do find more, this website is the place where I’ll share my discoveries 🙂

      Kind regards, Peter


  4. Hello Peter, What a wonderful site! I remember watching “Fables…” on its first (and, to date, only) showing in the UK, on the ITV network in 1983 – although a VHS release followed in the UK some years later – and whilst at times quite an eerie, scary and dark series, it was unmissable viewing for me in my childhood… An interest in nature and wildlife soon followed, not to mention an obsession with Animé which continues to this day… For some reason this series never really caught on the UK, which is a real pity, the animation, backdrops, music and voices are just beautiful! Bobby Raccoon was always my favourite character, whilst the series has had a long-lasting effect in that whenever someone says the word ‘trouble’, I always immediately shout out “Trouble! Trouble! Trouble!” as per Sammy Bluejay’s line in the show’s opening titles! 😀 I loved looking through the site, and it’s fabulous that someone else remembers the series, and that thankfully it was much more successful and appreciated in other countries… Thank you for reigniting some fond childhood memories, it was a great nostalgia trip! Warmest regards, Ceri


    • Hello Ceri,

      It’s great to hear that you too still remember Fables of the Green Forest and the series inspired a life-long love for nature!
      The books by Thornton Burgess were made with just that idea in mind: to instill love for nature in children. And the anime series kept very close to the books.
      Apparently, it had it’s effect. I, too, still love to walk/bike in and look at and photograph nature.
      Bobby Raccoon is a lovely character, I especially remember the episode where he is soooo sleepy 🙂 And, yes, the word ‘trouble’ is forever linked to the series!
      I am glad you enjoyed my site and seeing Fables again brought back some good memories!

      Kind regards,



  5. Hello, I loved watching that show with my 5 yr old daughter, now I have my first gran and would really like to have the entire collection on DVD for my grand son contact: [email address deleted]


    • Hello alex, I understand your wish to have this series on DVD. Unfortunately, I cannot provide it. However, you can watch the series on this site. I hope your grandchild will enjoy watching the series, as much as you and your daughter did back then!


  6. Good days Alex,
    i find goog quality raw
    one episode 1.3gb~


    • Hello hitsumo, thanks for the link. It looks good. However, this site is about the 1970s English language dub. So, we won’t post it here. The group that subtitled it, is already aware of the better quality RAW, and also wants to make a version with better video, so…


  7. Psreloaded Psreloaded

    Hi Peter, thanks for the memories. Nyaa now has the BD RAW. Do you have any plans to subtitle them?


    • Hello Psreloaded, this site is about the 1970s English dub that aired on TVO in Canada. This is a question for the translators. However, I know they are aware of it and want to make it happen.


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