The playlist contains all 52 episodes.
8 of these don’t have English audio available but are available in Spanish.
These have now been translated for this website by several volunteers.
Thanks to Cyber Zero, Mónica and Lordwen, we can now watch these with subtitles!


The 8 missing episodes in Spanish

Episode 06 – The monster of Poplar Hill (Subtitle Available!)
Episode 09 – The troublesome four (Subtitle Available!)
Episode 14 – Peter the Rabbit of Thorn Estate (Subtitle Available!)
Episode 15 – Old Mr. Toad (Subtitle Available!)
Episode 20 – Granny fox and Reddy (Subtitle Available!)
Episode 31 – Longlegs the heron (Subtitle Available!)
Episode 35 – Granny fox and the coyote (Subtitle Available!)
Episode 40 – Johnny’s adventure (Subtitle Available!)


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