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Creation of Fables of the Green Forest
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Fables of the Green Forest is a Japanese animated (animé) TV-series based on the Bedtime Story-Books, a children’s book series by American writer T.W. Burgess published between 1913 and 1919, and re-published in Japanese between 1969-1972. The 52 episode TV-series was created by animation studio Zuiyo Eizo and first aired on the Japanese network Fuji Television from 7 January 1973 to 30 December 1973. The main character is a woodchuck called Johnny. Originally, the series was titled ‘山ねずみロッキーチャック ‘ (Yama Nezumi Rokkī Chakku), lit. ‘Rocky Chuck, the Mountain Rat’. The English version was produced in 1978 for TVO (Canada) by Ziv International, which also conducted distribution to many other countries.

Original Japanese production (released 1973)
Frames Intro JapanText translated from山ねずみロッキーチャック the Japanese Wikipedia page for ‘Fables of the Green Forest’
Original story – Thornton Burgess (writer “Animal Story”)
Planning – Mizutaka Enterprise
Production – Fuji TV, Zuiyo video
Producer – Shigeto Takahashi, Yoshinobu Nishizaki (no credit notation), Junzo Nakajima
Production desk – Shoji Sato
Supervision – Chudo Koga
Configuration – Tanno Yuji
Director – Endo Seiji
Music – Seiichiro Uno
Original – Morillas Taniguchi
Background – Mukuosutajio, Atelier Rourke
Art director – Kazue Ito
Shooting – Trans-Arts
Director of photography – Kei Kuroki
Edit – Takeshi Seyama
Development – Oriental lab
Sound effects – Nobuo Fujita
Record – Tohokushinsha, Tokyo Studio Center (Kumagai YoHyoe)
Recording Director – Tashiro Atsushimi

Episode screenplay, production, animation director
Read a text summary of table

Number Title Screenplay Production Animation director
1  Spring comes to the Green Forest Kubota Keiji Saito Hiroshi OkaSako Nobuhiro
2 Johnny grows up Hirata Toshio
3 Johnny builds his home Saito Hiroshi
4 Huge tracks in the forest Hirata Toshio
5 Buster the bear comes to the Green Forest Jumori Takako Saito Hiroshi
6 The monster of Poplar Hill
7 Mischievous Chatterer Kaneko Hiroshi Hirata Toshio
8 Paddy Beaver comes to the forest Kubota Keiji Saito Hiroshi
9 The troublesome four Hirata Toshio
10 Bob the Quail Kaneko Hiroshi Saito Hiroshi
11 Sammy’s revenge
12 Johnny’s secret door Morimitsu Mori Koji
13 A gun in the forest
14 Peter the Rabbit of Thorn Estate
15 Old Mr. Toad / What everybody in the forest hates
16 Bobby Racoon is captured Kubota Keiji
17 Paddy builds a dream house
18 Poor Mrs. Quack Yoshida Yoshiaki
19 The Search for Mr. Quack
20 Granny fox and Reddy Yamanaka Hiroshi Tomino Yoshiyuki
21 Sammy gets mocked Kaneko Hiroshi Hirata Toshio
22 The big commotion in the forest
23 Buster the hero Kubota Keiji Yamazaki Shuji
24 Traps in the forest Amemiya Yuji
25 Peter plays a prank Kubota Keiji Kuroda Masao
26 Early to rise / The straw hat monster Yoshida Yoshiaki Hirata Toshio
27 Mr. Condor comes to the forest Saito Hiroshi
28 The secret of Mr. Condor (Mrs. Condor hatches her eggs) Yamazaki Shuji
29 Fox meets coyote / Reddy Fox keeps home Okawa Hisao Hikone Norio
30 Coyote is the smartest
31 Longlegs the heron Yoshida Yoshiaki Tomino Yoshiyuki
32 The importance of Paddy’s dam Yamazaki Shuji
33 Bobby & Blackie Crow Okawa Hisao Saito Hiroshi
34 Grandfather Frog leaves the forest Hirata Toshio
35 Granny Fox and the coyote Hikone Norio
36 Who’s a coward Hidaka Ikuko Yamazaki Shuji
37 Lost in the Green Forest Yoshida Yoshiaki
38 Running amok Hirata Toshio
39 The big boast Okawa Hisao Hikone Norio
40 Johnny’s adventure Yoshida Yoshiaki Morimitsu
41 Uncle Billy regrets Tomino Yoshiyuki
42 Captive Chatterer Okawa Hisao Yamazaki Shuji
43 Peter changes his name Hidaka Ikuko Kuroda Masao
44 Tom and Bob the Quail Okawa Hisao Hirata Toshio
45 The incident at moonlight party Yoshida Yoshiaki Tomino Yoshiyuki
46 Sammy learns a lesson / Brainy blue jay Okawa Hisao Hikone Norio
47 A gift Buster left behind Hidaka Ikuko Kuroda Masao
48 Peter the imitator Yamazaki Shuji
49 Danny in the snow Hidaka Ikuko Tomino Yoshiyuki
50 Peter and the peach tree Saito Hiroshi Yamazaki Shuji
51 Whose footprint is the other one Okawa Hisao
52 Johnny’s hibernation Negoro Akira

English version production (released 1978)
Frames Intro TVOText below taken from English intro
Executive Producers – I. Holender, M.J. Ruderian
Text below taken from English outro
Adaptation of Thornton W. Burgess – Children’s Classic Cinema Corporation
World Wide Distribution – Ziv International Inc.
From other online sources
Soundtrack: Mark Mercury – according to
Voice-over: Jonathan Winters – according to Wikipedia


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