Story and characters

Story of Fables of the Green Forest
Johnny ChuckThe series tells the adventures of animals living in a North American forest. The main character is Johnny, a woodchuck. One spring day, encouraged by Sister Breeze (the voice of the wind), he decides to leave his elderly nest to make a home for himself in the distant Green Forest. Soon he meets Polly, a girl woodchuck who becomes his mate. They make friends with other animals of the forest and the Green Meadows, amongst others: Peter Rabbit, who lives in the Briar Patch, Chatterer the Red Squirrel, Uncle Billy Possum and Jimmy Skunk. News travels fast on the wings (and voice!) of Sammy Blue Jay. As newcomers like Paddy Beaver and Old Man Coyote arrive in the Green Forest, the animals learn about the ways of their new neighbours and to live together. When advice is needed, they turn to wise old Grandfather Frog who has his home in the Smiling Pool. Danger is always near with predators like Reddy Fox, Weasel and man but in the end everything turns out right for Johnny and his friends.

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  1. Heel handig voor vertalers!


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